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“Appeal help” needs help itself

March 30, 2010
Pardon me if I laugh at the following “assistance” being offered homeowners. We would get 3 MORE DAYS – count em – to work on an appeal. My typical appeals are perhaps 50 pages and lots and lots of work. What a waste of our money, all that effort for what. In the past few years the process has been almost like war planning as every objection possible is thrown at the property owner in favor of the assessors position and the tax rolls. Gov’t does little if anything to assist us. What about those of us without an accounting degree, a close lawyer friend, a builders license and real estate brokers access to the Multiple Listing Service sold comps. Good grief, p


Legislation introduced to help homeowners appeal their assessments

A bill crafted to aide homeowners who want to appeal their property tax assessments is on the move in the legislature. Senate Bill 395 introduced by Senator Roger Kahn (R-Saginaw) requires property tax assessment notices to be sent to property owner at least two weeks before the meeting by the local Board of Review.

Under current Michigan law, property tax assessment notices are mailed out 10 days prior to a scheduled Board of Review meeting.

The Michigan Association of REALTORS® supports this legislation because it levels the playing field for homeowners who believe their assessments are inaccurate by allowing enough time to properly gather the necessary information for filing an appeal.

Last week, Senate Bill 395 passed out of the Senate, and is now awaiting a hearing in the House Intergovernmental and Regional Affairs committee.

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